Felspire 12/23 Patch Note


What’s New 

1. Trail

Trail is a kind of special attire in Felspire. After equipping a trail, you will gain great stat bonuses and can see different special effects when you walk.
How to get Trail?
-You will have a chance to get a Trail by killing bosses in Land of Chaos, the Thief and bosses in Soul Square and the Golden Guard of Greed in Prison of Greed.
-Can also be obtained from some events.

2. Combine

The Combine function will be added to the Forge interface. If you possess 2 pieces of identical double blessed equipment, you can combine them into a piece of 3 blessed equipment. The 2 blessed stats of the 2 equipment to be combined should be the same. After being combined, the combined equipment will reserve the 2 original blessed stats and gain one more random blessed stat.
-Moon Stone is required for combining 2 piece of double blessed equipment. The higher the tier of the equipment to be combined, the more Moon Stones will be required.
-The combined equipment will reserve the refined level, boosted level, vital stat and set stat of the primary equipment.
-You can spend diamonds to select the third blessed stat. However, you can’t spend diamonds to replace the secondary equipment.
-Wings, weapons and accessories can’t be combined.

3. Land Defense

Available on every Saturday and Sunday.
Participants: All Lv 300+ players
Dungeon Info:
-There are 3 difficulties available, normal, hard and nightmare. Higher difficulty grants more rewards.
-You can challenge the dungeon either by yourself or with a party.
-Use the silver gained in the dungeon to summon warriors, mages, archers, bears and blue dragons to defeat the monsters. You will fail the challenge if the number of monsters reach certain amount. 
-Different guards have different effects. Upgrade and match them to become more powerful.
-You will gain massive EXP by killing the monsters in the dungeon. You are recommended to use EXP Potions.
-You can even get extra rare items after clearing the dungeons of different difficulties.

What’s Changed

1. Treasury
You can get weapon lapis of your class from Treasury now. 
-You will have a change to get Lapis (M.H) and Lapis (O.H) from the Treasury pillages.
-You can also exchange Lapis (M.H) and Lapis (O.H) if you have enough Treasury Points.
2. Refine Stones are now for sale in the B.D.Mall.
3. When retrieving your offline EXP, challenging VIP Boss, Soul Square, Prison of Greed, Land of Chaos, Demon Abyss and Temple of Death, if you don’t have enough diamonds, you can now use B.Diamonds.
4. A new map will be available at [R] Lv 401, on which you can obtain the +8 and +9 dungeon passes.
5. Set
- Convert in the Set interface to upgrade your set. The equipment tier will influence the max tier of your set. 
-When you convert 1 set, your CP will be increased. After you convert 5 sets, you will activate the 5-set stat bonuses.
-When enhancing each set, only one set will be enhanced and the activated extra stat bonuses won't be enhanced. 
-Main-hand and off-hand weapons can also be converted to sets and enhanced. 
-Convert 5 sets to activate the 5-set special effect.
-Set system is now available at Lv 285. Land of Chaos will now be available at Lv 285. 
6. EXP gained from Soul Square will be increased.
7. You won’t be able to do damage to world bosses or golden bosses whose level gap between yours is more than 100 levels. 
8. The skills, Elemental Shield and Fortitude, will take effect only when the character INT or DEX is higher than 2200.

Bugs Fixed

1. Fixed the bug that the Quest bar will appear when you switch your display mode in Land of Chaos.
2. Optimized the buff description of the Perks system.
3. Changed the first recharge pack description.
4. Fixed the bug that +11 passes are available in the Fuse interface.
5. Optimized the issue that the card CP collected on the [R] Lv 401 map is too high.
6. Fixed the bug that you can’t accept daily quests after completing all main quests.
7. Fixed the bug that the boss damage rank doesn’t display after completing all main quests.

New Benefits

We have prepare bunch of new permanent events for veteran players. 

Felspire Team




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