Felspire 01/26 Patch Note


What’s New 

1. Infernal Land

-Available at 8:00pm - 12:00am from Monday to Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday. You can challenge either in party or solo. 
-There are 4 stages in total, Stage 1 for Lv 300+ players, Stage 2 for Lv 351+ players, Stage 3 for [R] Lv 401+ players and Stage 4 for [R] Lv 451+ players.
-Each stage will have normal, hard and nightmare difficulties.
-Enter the dungeon to kill monsters, elite monsters and bosses to clear it. You can also kill the bosses directly to clear the dungeon.
-Some elite monsters and bosses in the dungeon possess special skills. 
-You have a chance to obtain seals in the dungeon. Clear the dungeon to obtain seals and EXP.

2. Seal

-Available at Lv 300.
-There are different types of seals.
-Each equipment part will be granted 5 seal slots. (10 parts, 50 seal slots in total.) You need to spend diamonds or to unlock the slots before equipping seals. will be used first as always. 
-The slots and equipped seals won’t change even if you change your equipment. 
-There are 2 kinds of stats of a seal, basic and random stats. Each seal will have 1 - 5 random stats. Seals with more stats are rarer.
-The 5 slots of each part should be equipped with the seals of different basic stats. You can unequip the seal at will.
-A seal can be upgraded by merging other seals or EXP Seals. After being upgraded, its basic stats will be boosted while its random stats will remain the same.

3. Double Stats Core

-Double stats core will be available. You can exchange it in the Core Exchange interface.
-Exchange Rules: You can exchange a double stats core with 2 epic single stat cores and a certain amount of Core Shards. The double stats core will gain the EXP of the original 2 single stat cores.

Bugs Fixed

1. Optimized the description of the mount skill book, Bloodlust Book.
2. Fixed the bug that PvP Mode will be selected automatically and no A.C. Protection when in Cold Plateau.
3. Amended the monsters’ coordinates displayed on the mini map of Land of Chaos.
4. Optimized the description about how to get double blessed stats divine weapon.

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