Felspire 04/12 Patch Note


What’s New 

I. A new class, Saint!!!!!!

1. Features
Saint can fight while riding on his mount and possesses a super sidekick, Skyhawk, Saint is reveredas the king of PvP. 

2. Skyhawk
- Skyhawk’s ATK will be increased at a certain rate as Saint’s ATK increases. A high level Skyhawkpossesses great ATK. 
- It can be upgraded by killing monsters. As it is upgraded, it can acquire many mighty skills. 
- After you unlock Perks, your Skyhawk can even acquire all kinds of perks and its power will be increased greatly.
Skyhawk Egg. Complete the corresponding main quest to activate.Afterclaiming the Skyhawk Egg, complete 20 main quest to incubate it and get a 

3. Saint gets 7 stat points with every level up.

4. Requirements
- Available to Lv 120+ characters. 
- An Awaken Saint Card is required. It can be bought in the Mall for only 498 diamonds. Once awakened, the Saint’s starting level is Lv 70.

5. Advancement: The Saint can also be advanced into higher level classes: Saint - Prophet - Soothsayer

II. Characters Selection Interface

1. After creating a Saint character, every time you enter the game you will be able to select which character you wish to play as for that session.

2. If you recharge when you are offline, the character that you choose when you next login will get the recharged diamonds and the corresponding rewards.

III. Saint Perks

Saint Perks system is different from the original one. 
1. There are some perks that can boost Skyhawk’s CP.
2. There are some perks that can boost Saint’s mount CP.

IV. New Pet, New Relic

The pets and relics of higher tiers will be added.

What’s Changed

1. GvG

GvG rewards will be changed from 300 Lv 1 Refine Stones to 50 Moon Stones.

2. Optimized the wings fuse

When fusing Lv 2 wings or Lv 3 wings, you can now select your class.

3. Investment

- After fully claiming all rewards of Monthly Invest, you will have a chance to invest again.
- Upgrade Invest will be added. Invest specified diamonds and get the corresponding B.Diamonds when reaching certainlevels. No level limit for the first 3 days. After these 3 days, there will be a level limit if you want to invest.

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