Felspire 2.4 Patch Notes


Dear players,

Felspire will be receiving a new update! As a result, Felspire server will be updated at 22:00 PM (EDT) on July 28.

Maintenance is expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. Players may lose server connection or be unable to login to the game, appreciate your understanding and patience!

------------What’s New 

1. Land of Peace

- Available at [R]Lv 300.
- Required item: LoP Pass
- PvP mode will be switched to honorable when in the Land of Peace.
- Killing monsters in the Land of Peace grants massive amounts of EXP. 
- Bosses will be randomly refreshed on the map. Defeat bosses to get rare items. 
- LoP monsters are very fierce and dangerous. It is recommended to team up before entering. Different monsters possess different attributes. Select the best EXP Spot according to your class.

2. Mount Gear

- Mount gear contains 4 types, Hoof, Saddle, Bridle and Barding. Qualities range from lower to higher, normal, fine, master and epic. The mount gear of a higher quality or a higher tier grant better stats.
- Mount gear can boost HP, ATK and DEF. (Dragon Badge can boost mount gear stats.) 
- Fatal Hit Rate: Your mount gear has a chance to get a Fatal Hit Rate. 
- How to get mount gear: Enter Land of Peace to kill monsters for a chance to get mount gear. (Bosses grant a higher chance.) 

3. New attire, Shadow

Can activate at most 3 piece of Shadow attire of the same kind. Activate to boost your character stats including ATK, DEF and HP. (The more you activate, the higher the stat bonus it will grant.) Equip it after activating it. 
Obtainable: Boss Challenge

4. New companion, Pixmon

- Stats: Damage dealt+30%, Damage received-25%, DEF+50
- Obtainable: Fuse Fiend, Cherub and Pixmon Soul to get a Pixmon. The duration time of Pixmon is the combined duration time of both Fiend and Cherub.
- Pixmon Souls are obtainable from events.

5. Added a new pet skill - Trinity.

6. Added 4 new ores for smelting relics.

Golgate: ATK+90, DEF+25, Max HP +120
Hydralite: ATK+25, DEF+50, Max HP +600
Starnite: ATK+100, DEF+100, Max HP +1600
Opazite: ATK+200, DEF+50, Max HP +1000

------------What’s Changed 

1. Update Notes interface added to better inform players of update contents.
2. A refreshing page prompt will appear if you need to refresh your page.
3. Added more stages to Boss Challenge.
4. Optimized the Boss Map - Rare Loot interface. Only precious loot info will be tagged with Top.
5. Lowered the required level to unlock Market.
6. Fixed the issued that the Warrior’s skill Impale can’t deal damage to players.
7. Optimized the goods list in the Mall.
8. Removed the confirmation of automatically using your obtained EXP potions.
9. Fixed the issue that some rare items didn’t display in the boss loot interface when the world level reaches Lv 430.
10. Expanded bag and vault.
- Bag can be expanded up to 35 slots. 2 extra pages will be added to vault.
11. Fixed the issue that VIP Bosses grant no gold after Lv 400.
12. Optimized the description of the perk Ghost Walk.
13. Raised the effect of HP Potions
HP Potion (S): Restores 1,600 HP. CD: 5s
HP Potion (M): Restores 8,000 HP. CD: 5s
HP Potion (L): Restores 20,000 HP. CD: 5s
14. A confirmation tip will be added when using bound items to gather soul for equipment and ex-boosting.

Felspire Team




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