Felspire 2.5 Patch Notes


Dear players,

Felspire will be receiving a new update! As a result, Felspire server will be updated at 22:00 PM (EDT) on August 31.

Maintenance is expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. Players may lose server connection or be unable to login to the game, appreciate your understanding and patience!

------------What’s New 

1. Mount Gear Upgrade, Inherit and Add Fatal HitRate (FHR)

(1) Upgrade Mount Gear
- Success rates of different levels are different.There is a checkpoint level every 5 levels. When reaching the checkpoint level,you will succeed if you upgrade again.
- If you fail, your mount gear level may drop down by 1 level but it won't go lower than the checkpoint level.
- Your mount gear won’t be bound if you upgrade it with bound materials.

(2) Inherit
- Inherit is only available for the mount gear of the same part.
- After inheriting, you can convert the level of the original gear to the new gear.
- Fatal Hit Rate won't be inherited.
- Your mount gear won’t be bound even if you usebound materials.

(3) Add FHR
- You can use FHR Gem to add Fatal Hit Rate for mount gear.
- Your mount gear will be bound if you use bound FHR Gem.

2. Bottoms Up

Available at Lv 100.
- Drink wine 3 times a day to get massive amounts of EXP.
- Wine qualities range from lower to higher,normal, fine, master, epic and holy. Wine of higher quality grants more EXP.
- Wine of each quality possesses different palates.Higher palate grants more EXP.
- You can only drink in the Storm City.
- EXP Bonus: More players drinking at the same time equals more rewards. Drink during 8:00pm - 10:00pm to get double EXP.
- How to get wine: Kill mobs in the Land of Peaceto get Ingredients (Ingredients can be used to fuse wine.), Mall.

3. Capacity

- Every time you drink, your capacity will be increased. Better wine grants higher capacity.
- You can get a random stat bonus if you drink 3times during 8:00pm - 10:00pm daily. Random stat bonuses are shown as follows(lasts for 60 mins):
ATK+20%, DEF+20%, HP+20%, Damage dealt+20%, Damagereceived-20%, Kill EXP+100%, Skill damage+100%

4. Drinking Contest

- Available at Lv 100.
- Drinking Contest contains 3 parts: CapacityRewards, C.S. Daily Rank and C.S. Monthly Rank.
- Capacity Rewards: Every time you drink wine, yourcapacity will be increased. Monthly capacity will be calculated and rewardswill be calculated at 12:00am on the 1st of the second month. All players thatmeet the requirements will get the corresponding rewards via mail.
- Capacity Rewards:
Capacity reaches 12000: Title, God of Wine (Equipto grant: HP+2372, ATK+1186, DEF+593. Activate to grant: HP+2372, ATK+1186,DEF+593. Valid for 28 days), Starnite x1, Opazite x1, 5X EXP Potion x10, Excelsior SP x50, Lv 2 Refine Stone x50,Lv 2 Mount Pill x20, Lv 1 Artifact Ash x20
Capacity reaches 8640: Title, Tippler (Equip togrant: HP+1664, ATK+832, DEF+416. Activate to grant: HP+1664, ATK+832, DEF+416.Valid for 28 days), Starnite x1, 5X EXP Potion x7, Excelsior SP x40, Lv 2Refine Stone x40, Lv 2 Refine Stone x40, Lv 2 Mount Pill x15, Lv 1 Artifact Ashx15
Capacity reaches 4800: Title, Wino (Equip to grant:HP+1080, ATK+540, DEF+270. Activate to grant: HP+1080, ATK+540, DEF+270. Validfor 28 days), Golgate x1, Hydralite x1, 5X EXP Potion x5, Excelsior SP x20, Lv2 Refine Stone x20, Lv 2 Mount Pill x10, Lv 1 Artifact Ash x10
Capacity reaches 3600: Title, Drinker (Equip togrant: HP+664, ATK+332, DEF+166. Activate to grant: HP+664, ATK+332, DEF+166.Valid for 28 days), Golgate x1, 5X EXP Potion x3, Excelsior SP x20, Lv 2 RefineStone x15, Lv 2 Mount Pill x10, Lv 1 Artifact Ash x10
Capacity reaches 2400: Golgate x1, 5X EXP Potionx3, Excelsior SP x15, Lv 2 Refine Stone x10
- C.S. Daily Rank: Daily capacity rank will be refreshed at 12:00am daily.
- C.S. Monthly Rank: Monthly capacity rank will be refreshed at on the 1st of each month. (Rank will not be calculated on September 1st. Capacity of August 30th and 31st will be counted on September.Rewards will be calculated and delivered on October 1st.)

5. VIP Titles

- If your VIP level meets the requirement, you can claim the corresponding VIP titles!
- Requirements and effects:
VIP 4: Activate to grant (ATK+40, DEF+20, HP+125),equip to grant (ATK+40, DEF+20, HP+125)
VIP 7: Activate to grant (ATK+80, DEF+40, HP+250),equip to grant (ATK+80, DEF+40, HP+250)
VIP 8: Activate to grant (ATK+200, DEF+100,HP+550), equip to grant (ATK+200, DEF+100, HP+550)
VIP 9: Activate to grant (ATK+400, DEF+200,HP+1250), equip to grant (ATK+400, DEF+200, HP+1250)
Note: Your VIP title can be upgraded when your VIPlevel is raised and it will be invalid if your VIP expires.

6. Super Chest

- Chest can be opened up to 200 times. Can be opened 10 times daily. Open attempts should be used up within 30 days. It will be invalid if it expires.
- Attempt 5 guarantees Holy Badge. Attempt 9 guarantees Lite Ale and a chance to get rare items including Divine Gem, Dragon Badge, FHR Gem, Starnite, Golgate and Hydralite.
- Obtainable: Events

7. Animus

- Animus contains 4 classes, Warrior, Mage, Archerand Saint.
- Available at Lv 300.
- Each Animus slot can be placed with a double blessed equipment of the corresponding class. Equipment should be of the same tier. Place to activate Lv 1, Lv 2 and Lv 3 Bonuses.
- Lv 1 Bonus: Place double blessed equipment of thesame tier. Bonus will be activated when you place 2, 4 or 5 pieces.
- Lv 2 Bonus: Place double blessed equipment of the same tier with 1 blessed stat that meets the requirement. Bonus will be activated when you place 2, 4 or 5 pieces.
- Lv 3 Bonus: Place double blessed equipment of thesame tier with 2 blessed stats that meet the requirements. Bonus will be activated when you place 2, 4 or 5 pieces.

8. Set Contest

- Event icon will appear when there is 1 Lv 285 player in the server. Event will be available when there are 3 Lv 285+ playersin the server. Event lasts for 20 days.
- During the event, you can claim rewards if your set reaches T5+.

9. Dungeon Retrieval

- Dungeon attempts of the last 7 days can beretrieved.
- Paying attempts of Prison of Greed, Soul Square,Demon Abyss and Temple of Death can be retrieved with each attempt being charged a fee of 5 diamonds for each time. As for Prison of Greed and Soul Square, you can use diamonds to retrieve attempts and also enter the dungeon.After retrieving attempts, you don't need to spend any more diamonds or usepasses to entering the dungeons.
- Retrieved attempts will be used automatically in the AFK Helper.

10. Update Preview
An Update Preview button has been added. Click it to learn more about future updates!

11. Lv 5 Wings (special stats) + Items that grants100% success rate of fusing wings
- Lv 5 wings will be added. Lv 5 wings possess aspecial stat that grants a 10% chance to decrease the damage received by half when being attacked.
- Divine Gem: Grants a 100% success rate of fusingLv 3/4/5 wings.

12. Rank Statues
4 statues have been added to the main city witheach statue named after the top player of each class.

------------What’s Changed 

1. 3 new bosses and new mobs added to the Land ofPromise.
2. Update Rewards
Can now claim update rewards in the Update Notes interface after every update.
3. Optimized the Mount interface
Move your mouse over the "Train" or"Auto-Train" button to preview the image and stats of the mount of next tier.
4. Raised the level cap of passive skills including Wrath, Calm and Shelter up to Lv 600.
5. Tips have been added to the loading page in order to let you know more about the game.
6. Optimized the Friends system
- Will now receive a PM message when someone adds you as a friend.
- Interesting styles of the Treasure Tree have been added. You can buy items to decorate your tree!
7. Added sort function to the Seal Vault.
8. Optimized the event icon
You can now enter the event interface when in dungeon.
9. Optimized Lucky Roulette
Can now enter Lucky Roulette when in a dungeon.
10. Optimized Land Defense
Can now receive mail and PM message prompts when inLand Defense.
11. Optimized the requirements for opening somechests and packs.
12. Fixed the CD issue of Fire Dragon and the issue that it takes effect when attacking monsters. It is now only valid in PvP battles.
13. Fixed the issue that mount gear will be covered by the Mount Day prompt.
14. Fixed the issue that the mount CP will be shown lower when you preview.
15. Fixed the issue that the intimacy buff takes effect even when your friend is offline.
16. A Mount Gear option has been added to theMarket.
17. Optimized the rewards of events including Daily Recharge event (new server), Total Recharge event (new server) and server merge event.

Felspire Team




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