Felspire 2.6 Patch Notes


Dear players,

Felspire will be receiving a new update! As a result, Felspire server will be updated at 02:30 AM (EDT) on September 29.

Maintenance is expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. Players may lose server connection or be unable to login to the game, appreciate your understanding and patience!

------------What’s New 

1. C.S. GvG
- Only available for the servers in the GMT-4 time zone.
- Event Time: Can apply at 5:00pm - 7:00pm on every Saturday. Battle is at 8:00pm - 9:00pm on Saturday.
- Requirements: You have to apply by yourself and meet the following requirements: Your guild is ranked in the top 4 in your server and has reached Lv 5. You have to reach [R]Lv 400.
- Matching Rules: Will be matched 2v2 battles according weekly points. Matching result will be released before the battle. (As for the first battle, guilds will be matched randomly.)
- Battle: Guilds will be divided into red and blue sides. Since the Helmet Valley hasn’t been occupied, the one side that deals more damage to the throne will become the defending side and another side will be the attacking side. (Rules of winning or losing the battle are the same as those of GvG.)
- Attacking Tools: Optimized the Bomberman effect. Bomberman can deal great damage to the gate and statues and even players. Each player of the attacking side can enable Bomberman in the haven. Battering Ram will be added in the future versions.
- Top 10 players in the Kill Rank will get extra rewards.
- EXP Areas: Different areas on the map will grant different EXP bonuses. Higher EXP bonus will be granted if you get closer to the throne. EXP obtained in the battle will be delivered after the battle.
- Note: Each player that has applied can’t quit the guild and be kicked out of the guild from the time when application time ends to when the battle ends.
- Rewards: Rewards include Guild Master Rewards, Guild Member Rewards and Kill Rewards. When the battle ends, the winning side can get rewards according to points received and the guild master will get extra rewards. Guild members of the defeated guild can also get rewards according to their points. More points grant more rewards. The top 10 players with the most kills will get extra rewards.
- Each guild starts with 500 points. In each battle, a winning guild will get 250 points while a defeated guild will lose 250 points. No points will be deducted if there are 0 points remaining.
2. Weather System
- Available at Lv 320.
- 1 kind of weather will be updated randomly from 8:00am to 8:00pm daily. Weather conditions contain sunny, rainy, cloudy, snowy, foggy and dusty. Weather will be updated to overcast during the rest period.
- Weather bottle: There are 6 weather bottles of the corresponding weather. Collect different materials for upgrading the corresponding bottle under different weather conditions. Materials include Sun Seed, Raindrop, Vapor, Dew, Snowflake and Ash. Bottles of a higher level grants better stat bonus. (No materials will be granted when it is overcast.)
3. Godly Equipment
- Available at [R]Lv 400.
- There are 8 pieces of Godly Equipment. Godly Left Wing, Godly Right Wing, Godly Helmet, Godly Armor, Godly Gauntlets, Godly Shield, Godly Leggings and Godly Boots.
- Every time you collect 1 piece, it will grant HP, ATK or DEF bonuses of a certain ratio. Each piece of Godly Equipment has a chance to generate the new special stat, Godly Hit Rate+2%.
- The new look Wargod will be activated once you collect the above 8 pieces of Godly Equipment.
- Godly Gem can add a Godly Hit Rate for Godly Equipment.
4. New level cap
Level cap has been raised to [2nd R]Lv 600.
5. New map, Fallen Monastery
- Available at [2nd R]Lv 551.
6. New map in the Land of Peace, LoP Fallen Monastery.
- Available at [2nd R]Lv 551.
7. Chapter 16, Fallen Monastery, will be added in Elite Challenge.
8. Elfland
- A NPC will be refreshed on [R]Lv 401+ maps. Talk to the NPC to enter Elfland.
- There are 12 kinds of mobs and 5 bosses in Elfland. Kill mobs to get Refine Gems and Hematite and kill bosses to get Refine Gems, Hematite, Polish Gems and Elf Gems.
9. Refine and polish mount gear
- Available at [R]Lv 401.
- You can now refine and polish your mount gear.
- Refine: You can refine your mount gear into refined mount gear. Activate 2 or 4 pieces of refined mount gear to trigger extra stat bonuses. Refine Gems will be required. You can kill mobs in Elfland and fuse Refine Shards to get Refine Gems. Refine Shards can be obtained by killing mobs in the Elfland.
- Polish: You can polish refined mount gear to get more powerful polished mount gear. Activate 2 or 4 pieces of polished mount gear to trigger great stat bonuses. Refine Gems and Polish Gems are required for polishing T1 - 2 mount gear. Elf Gems are required for T3 - 5 mount gear. Kill Eternal Monsters and bosses in Elfland to get Polish Gems and kill bosses in Elfland to get Elf Gems.
10. Level Seal
- Each server will enter a level seal status when 1 player reaches the level limit.
- Level seal will be valid for 10 days. Seal will be broken in 10 days and server level limit will be raised by 50 levels.
- During the level seal period, all players can get EXP bonuses of different ratios. Those who reach the level limit can even enter the Eternal War to hunt treasures! Don't miss out!
- If there are already [2nd R]Lv 550 players in the server before the update, the server will directly enter the level seal after the update.
11. Eternal War
- When there a player reaches the level cap ([2nd R]Lv 550), Eternal War will be unlocked and it will last for 10 days.
- Available at [2nd R]Lv 550.
- Dungeon contains easy and hard modes. You have 3 attempts daily.
- You can select to enter the Advanced Stage after clearing Normal Stage. Advanced Stage is of higher difficulty and grants more and better loot.
- Dungeon grants materials for glorifying equipment to add a glorified stat.
12. EXP Blessing
- Available at [2nd R]Lv 550.
- You can use your EXP to upgrade EXP Blessing and grant great stat bonuses. You can select to add 1X, 1.5X and 2X EXP. (1X is for free, diamonds are required for 1.5X and 2X.)
13. Glorify
- You can glorify equipment that possesses 2 blessed stats or more.
- Glorify equipment to randomly grant a glorified stat.
- Materials required for glorifying:
1) Flame Stone: main-hand weapon, off-hand weapon and Skyhawk
2) Wind Stone: helmet, armor
3) Ice Stone: Gauntlets, leggings, boots
4) Thunder Stone: necklace, ring
- Glorified stats of combined equipment, transcended equipment and fused divine weapons can be transferred.
- Glorified stats of different parts will be different.
14. Conqueror Scroll
- Use to boost ATK, DEF and HP of passive skills by 10%.
- Obtainable: C.S. GvG and Eternal War
15. New mount skills
- Super Skill: Max level effect: Max HP+25560, ATK+4260, DEF+2130
- Adv. Fury: Max level effect: Grants a 25% chance to make its owner immune to damage for 2s and boosts ATK by 25%, DEF by 25% and MSPD by 50 within 8s. CD: 120s
- Adv. Hound: Max level effect: Grants a 40% chance to help its owner increase damage dealt by 25000 points.
- Adv. Escort: Max level effect: Grants a 40% chance to decrease owner's damage received by 25000 points.
16. New relics
4 new relics have been added:
T17 Damocles
T18 H.Lightning
T19 H.Death's Edge
T20 H.Valkyrie

------------What’s Changed 

1. Changed the update rewards
You can claim the following rewards after the update: LoP Pass x20, 2.5X EXP Potion x1, Sun Seed x5, MP Potion (L) x5, Update Discount Pack (Spend 400 diamonds to get LoP Pass x50 and 10 materials of each weather)
2. Perks Adjustment
- Increased the armor DEF granted by Dragon Blood (warrior), Arcane Soul (mage), Elf Force (archer) and Holy Buffer (saint) from 0.8% to 15%.
- Raised the stat bonuses granted by the shield.
- Raised the total value and effects of all HP Potions.
3. The confirmation of auto hiding some options if you don’t operate for a long time will be removed and system will auto hide options for you. Selection of hiding options will be removed once you operate in the game.
4. Optimized Drinking Contest
- Changed the reward of 8640 capacity from Golgate to Opazite.
- Optimized the description of Drinking Contest titles.
5. Optimized icons
- When in Land of Chaos, you can now see the Land of Chaos icon.
- You can now see the Boss Map icon when in dungeons.
- Set Contest icon can’t be seen when in dungeons.
6. No time limit for using EXP Pills now.
7. Pet button will be removed and Weather button will be added instead.
8. Other Adjustments
- “Respawn Spot” on the map will be changed as monster name and level.
- You can now level up more quickly from Lv 300 to Lv 500.
- As for the setting of removing enchanted stats of Artifacts, your selection of last time will be selected as default.
- Optimized the item names of the 2nd Rebirth skill books for mage and saint.
- Optimized the Lucky Spin.
- When reaching [2nd R]Lv 550, you can still get EXP but you can’t level up.

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