Felspire 2.7 Patch Notes


Dear players,

Felspire will be receiving a new update! As a result, Felspire server will be updated at 02:30 AM (EDT) on October 27th.

Maintenance is expected to take approximately 2-3 hours. Players may lose server connection or be unable to login to the game, appreciate your understanding and patience!

------------What’s New

1. Class Card
- Use to enter the Change Class interface to select the class you want. Click Confirm and refresh the game page to change your class to the new one.
- Requirements: Reached [R]Lv 350. You can’t change your class to the same one as your original one. You will have to complete the Lv 140 main quest. Use the card in the Storm City.
-After changing your class, following changes will be brought about:
1) Your class will be changed to the new one.
2) Perk points will be reset.
3) Will automatically acquire the skills of the new class (except [2nd R] skills)
4) Stat points will be recalculated.
5) Wings and divine weapons will be converted without loss.
- Obtainable: Killing bosses in Land of Peace and Land of Illusion
2. New Equipment, Insignia
- Available at [R]Lv 310.
- Insignia basic stats: ATK, DEF, HP
- You can refine and bolster your insignia to boost it.
- Refine: You can refine insignia to boost its stats. Refined stats contain ATK, DEF and HP. Use ATK/DEF/HP Refine Stone to refine the corresponding stats. Refine success rate of insignia of a higher refined level will be lower and require more materials.
- Bolster: You can bolster insignia to boost its basic and refined stats. (Only valid for insignia.)
- Obtainable: Update Pack, Flea Market of Lv 8 guilds
3. New Accessories, Pendant and Bracelet
- Available at [R]Lv 300.
- Can be refined, boosted, converted to set, enhanced set, gathered soul, combined (the same as other accessories)
- Can’t be used to fuse wings, smelt relics
- Obtainable: Those with blessed stats can be obtained in Dragon Treasury while those without blessed stats can be obtained by killing Lv 400+ world bosses and bosses of LoP Frozen Land or higher level.
4. Dragon Treasury
Dragon Treasury grants a chance to get blessed pendants and bracelets. You can also use Treasury Points to exchange for gear. Points of Treasury and Dragon Treasury will be counted together.
5. Land of Illusion
- Available at [R]Lv 310.
- You can get materials for refining and bolstering insignia in Land of Illusion.
- There is a guarding elf in Land of Illusion. Every 1 min you stay in Land of Illusion will add 1 rage. Killing monsters will add 1 rage while killing bosses will add massive rage. If you die in Land of Illusion, 20 rage will be added.
- You will be teleported out of the land by the guarding elf when rage reaches 100 .
- After entering the Land of Illusion, if you go offline for 5 mins, you will also be teleported out.
- Bosses inside will be refreshed in random positions. The player who deals the most damage to the boss will get the boss loot.
6. New Pet Skills
- Angel Glory: Grants a 100% chance to revive you and restores 100% HP, MP and Shield for you.
- Shadow Chain: When your pet attacks a player to its front, it grants a 100% chance to make the player unable to use skills within 4s. (PvP skill. Only valid when in PvP.)
- Energy Convert: Converts 30% of pet’s current ATK to your HP, ATK and DEF.
- Beast Guardian: Resists against damage once every 15s with the damage that equals to 100% pet’s ATK
7. Raised boosted level cap and added Auto-boost function
- Raised boosted level cap up to Lv 15
- Added an Auto-boost function to the Boost interface: Can now auto select the target boosted level and click Confirm to start boosting your equipment. It will stop when materials have been used up or when the target level is reached.
- Level check point will be added. For example, if you fail when boosting your equipment that was boosted to Lv 7, its boosted level won’t drop down lower than Lv 7.
8. Raised pet level cap, added pet Halo and appearance switch function
- Highest tier of pet is now T17.
- When your pet reaches T11, you can switch its appearance to any one of your current pet. After switching pet appearance, pet name will be changed accordingly. For example, after your pet reaches T11, if you select to switch your pet appearance to Cucco, its name will be changed to H.Cucco.
- Pet Halo: Use items to activate halo to boost pet stats. Halo image will be shown below your pet if you equip it with the activated halo.
- Pet Trait can now be upgraded up to 2.00. When your pet trait reaches 1.50, 2 Pet Trait Pills will be required for each upgrade attempt. When your pet trait reaches 1.80, 4 Pet Trait Pills will be required for each upgrade attempt. 
9. New Divine Weapons
You can use the T13 divine weapons and required materials to fuse new divine weapons. New divine weapons will reserve the same refined and boosted levels, vital stat, blessed stats. Its tier will be raised and 1 new blessed stat will be generated randomly. (New blessed stat will be different from the original ones.)

------------What’s Changed

1. Removed Babel
- Babel will be removed from the game. It will be also be removed from AP quests while Land of Peace and Land of Illusion will be added instead.
2. Added Land of Peace options to AFK Helper
- You can now check and select the setting of Land of Peace in the AFK Helper interface such as challenge attempts, challenge time (starting time), maps and monsters, auto-buying passes, auto-using/buying EXP Potions and ASPD Scrolls.
3. You can now preview Lucky Chest.
A Preview button will be added to the upper left of the item icon. Click to preview the rewards of the chest. (The button can only be used to preview items contained but can’t be used to select items.)
4. G. Roulette will be added to Lucky Roulette.
You can now spend gold to buy chips. You can spend up to 50m gold daily and exchange the chips that worth up to 100m gold daily. (Remaining gold will be reserved.)
5. Changed the Take button of Goblin Workshop to Take All.
6. Added Skyhawk EXP Pill.
- Use to add massive Skyhawk EXP. EXP granted will be increased according to your character level.
7. Changed guild quest description
- Changed the guild quest description from “ Kill Lv xx - xx monsters” to “ Kill Lv xx+ monsters”.
8. Changed the boss name in the Land of Chaos from Vile Overlord to Dark Overlord.
9. Raised the limit of relic ores:
Iron: 200
Adamantine: 120
Copper: 900
Mithril: 120
Golgate: 450
Hydralite: 450
Starnite: 120
Opazite: 120
10. Raised the limit of fruits:
Lv 3 HP Fruit: 400
Lv 3 ATK Fruit: 400
Lv 3 DEF Fruit: 400
Lv 2 HP Fruit: 1000
Lv 2 ATK Fruit: 1000
Lv 2 DEF Fruit: 1000
Lv 1 HP Fruit: 4000
Lv 1 ATK Fruit: 4000
Lv 1 DEF Fruit: 4000

11. Optimized Alchemist Wheel
- Required materials for exchanging rewards will be refreshed instantly.
12. Decreased the HP of C.S. GvG.
13. Fixed the issue that some guilds can’t apply for the C.S. GvG.

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