Felspire 3.0 Patch Notes


Dear players,

Felspire will be receiving a new update! As a result, Felspire server will be updated at 01:30 AM (EST) on January 23th.

Maintenance is expected to take approximately 5-6 hours. Players may lose server connection or be unable to login to the game, appreciate your understanding and patience!

------------What’s New 
1. Mount Gear Soul Gathering
- Available at [R]Lv 401.
- Mount Gear Soul tab has been added to the Soul Gathering interface. Use Sacred Stones to gather souls for your mount gear.
- Can boost ATK, DEF and HP of your mount gear via soul gathering. Basic stats (boosted along with tier), refined stats, upgraded stats and polished stats will be boosted accordingly.
- Sacred Stones are obtainable by killing eternal monsters in Lv 2 Land of Peace.
2. Enrich
- A new function, Enrich, has been added for divine weapons.
- Use Enrich Soul to enter the Enrich interface and add EXP to divine weapons. Basic ATK of divine weapons will be boosted in a certain ratio when EXP maxes out. (Boosted basic ATK can be raised by the Perk system.)
3. Seal Salvage and Exchange
- Can now salvage seals to get Seal Energy. Use Seal Energy to exchange for new seals in the Seal Exchange interface.
- Seals of different types will grant different amounts of Seal Energy. Seals with better main stats will grant more Seal Energy. Among all seals of the same type, the ones with a higher level limit will grant more Seal Energy and Seals with better random stats will grant more Seal Energy.
4. Added T13 mount.

------------What’s Changed
1. Infernal Land is now available all day and can be entered up to 4 times daily. First attempt is free, the other 3 attempts will require passes.
2. Raised the limit of using relic ores:
Adamantine: 180
Iron: 450
Copper: 1350
Mithril: 180
Glogate: 675
Hydralite: 675
Starnite: 180
Opazite: 180
3. Optimized the Fuse interface
- Only suitable passes will be shown in the Fuse interface.
- Only suitable lapis and divine weapons will be shown in the Fuse interface.
4. A prompt will appear if you get B.Diamonds or EXP when upgrading miracle.
5. Cost of unlocking slots in your bag and vault has been changed from diamonds to gold. You can now spend gold to unlock slots. 
6. Bag capacity has been raised up to 126 slots.
7. 6 weather materials have been added to the loot of Land of Illusion. (Loot won’t be influenced by weather and is available all day.)
8. Increased the rate of obtaining Polish Gems by killing mobs in the Elfland.
9. Can now fuse HP Fruit, ATK Fruit and DEF Fruit. Lv 1 Fruit can be fused to get Lv 2 Fruit and Lv 2 Fruit can be fused to get Lv 3 Fruit.)
10. Tower Defense adjustments
- Removed EXP granted when clearing Tower Defense.
- When in the dungeon, you can get EXP by killing mobs.
11. Fixed the issue that rewards will disappear if claiming C.S. Battlefield rewards when bag is full.

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