Sever Shutdown Announcemnt


Dear Players,

    We regret to announce that Felspire will be officially shut down at 22:00 August 29th, 2017 (server time, EDT). Thank you for your continuous support and understanding in this matter. Moving forward, we will do our best to offer you better and more exciting games. 

Details about the game shutdown:

1. Players will not be able to recharge after August 7th, 2017 (server time, EDT).

2. Players may submit tickets to request a Gold  or diamond transfer for all recharged amounts during 1/7/2017 - 8/8/2017 to the Castlot game on the Pandiva platform. Bonus items brought through recharging will not be transferred. Please make sure the ticket contains the name of the game to be transferred to, your newly created character name, and the server name.

3. Please contact us before August 29th.
The last but not the least, if you really feel like playing this game, you can go to this website to play,

Thank you for your understanding.




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